VI ACTRIS-CZ online data

Data from the Košetice professional meteorological station represent the current values of meteorological elements from the latest SYNOP report and a review of selected elements in the last 96 hours. In the framework of the CHMI National Air Quality Monitoring Network (NAQMN), the current measured concentrations of air pollutants (unverified data).

Spectrometer (SMPS = Scanning mobility particle sizer) provide an overview of the current size distribution.

Data from the atmospheric mast (GHGs concentrations and meteorological parameters) are available through the ICOS Atmosphere Thematic Centre

Košetice observatory

Actual meteorological data.

Košetice observatory

Actual data on air quality.


Data on particle-size distribution.

Vertical profile

Vertical profile of meteorological parameters.

Greenhouse gases

Atmopsheric greenhouse gasses concentration.