The truss anchored mast is 250 m high and it is the tallest construction in the Czech Republic built specifically for scientific purposes and the highest construction in our country after 1989.

The structure including anchor cables weighs 150 tons and its base forms a triangle with sides of 2.6 m long. The total length of the anchor cables is 2,600 m and the total length of the tubes is 4,000 m.

The measuring equipment is located in air-conditioned boxes on platforms at several height levels, in technological containers at the base of the mast and in two smaller containers attached at 230 m height. Transport of operators and material up to 230 m height is allowed by a lift with traction independent of the power to the station.

The electricity network is backed up by a diesel generator. Through the entire mast height, 1 Gb data network is installed with optical cables. Via an Internet connection, automatic data transmission and remote management of the installed devices are possible.